2 months and a Podcast later!

Daniel and Mark doing the PDR College Podcast

Its been a busy couple of months! From hail damaged cars to exotics, we have worked on it all lately. Mark and I also had the chance to be a part of the PDR College Podcast! This is pretty exciting because we have used many of the strategies they talk about to help grow our retail business.

We want to share our experiences so if you have a question, please leave it in the comments, if we get enough comments on the same topic then we'll consider doing a post about it! 

The video below shows some of the amazing cars we worked on in the past 2 months!

Lambo in the shop | LNTDENT | Retail Facility

TDN tool carts and lambo

Our attempt at a photo shoot!

Since we are doing our own web design and marketing, we figured we would try to take cool pics of a Lamborghini Aventador... thats the logical thing to do right?

 Leave No Trace Dent Repair | 1901 E 5th St Tempe, AZ 85281

Leave No Trace Dent Repair | 1901 E 5th St Tempe, AZ 85281

Well, we figured it would grab some attention at least! Although Mark works on many of these beautiful exotics weekly, this Aventador was lent to us by 101 Motors. 

Good thing is, we were able to use some of this content for email, a Facebook post, and hopefully use some of it in a few ads we are working on.

Today was also bring your daughter to work day. My daughter loved the car and new shop but was bored quickly lol!

Moving in some tools | LNTDENT | Retail Facility

About 2 months after construction began, its time to finally move in some tools!

Mark and I decided to reuse a few doors that 101 Motors had laying around to make a workbench for the shop. After repurposing the old stands and doors, the shop is really coming together.

Week 6 | PDR Shop | LNTDENT

Our retail PDR facility is coming along great! It's been about 6 weeks since we began construction. Walls have been painted, glass has been installed, and the A/C is almost complete!

We are still a couple weeks away from getting moved in and can't wait to start getting jobs lined up!

Here are a few more pics of the buildout!

Week 2 | LNTDENT | Retail facility

Hey everyone!

We finally had the time to put together a few post showing progress on our Paintless Dent Repair facility. This is a  short clip showing the office/waiting room being framed in. Off to a great start!

Here are some pictures during the buildout.

Retail Shop | Week 1

Hey Guys!

This is Daniel and Mark with Leave No Trace Dent Repair. We wanted to introduce ourselves to both the local community and PDR community by documenting our new facility. After running our Mobile Dent Repair companies for the last few years we have decided to team up and open a retail shop. 

This video shows the first week of construction through pictures and brief video clips. This shop began as an empty shed in the back of 101 Motors. Since then, metal framing has been completed, insulation and drywall has been installed. Please visit LNTdentrepair.com/blog regularly, or subscribe to our blog to follow our progress. Hope you enjoy!